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November 16 2011
eVACS® 'Highly Commended'
eVACS® 'Highy Commended' in Consensus Software Awards.

August 26 2011
eVACS® selected as finalist in 2011 Consensus Software Awards
Software Improvements electronic voting and counting system, eVACS®, has been selected as a finalist in the 12th annual Consensus Software Awards (

The Awards identify the most innovative software in Australia and New Zealand. They are endorsed and supported by Austrade, NZ Trade & Enterprise, Australian Computer Society and New Zealand Computer Society. The 2011 Consensus Software Awards will be presented in Sydney on Wednesday 9th November, after final judging in October.

November 28 2008
October 2008 ACT Assembly Elections
Software Improvements developed an application to enable polling officials to use handheld PDAs to look up electors electronically, mark them as "voted" and send a backup record to a central PDA at each polling place.

Phil Green, ACT Electoral Commission said the commission had drawn up a business case for using the PDAs.

"It was not only the printing and binding. We had to ship the lot to Sydney to be scanned. We estimated this would cost $74,000. The software we had made for the PDAs cost $50,000 to $55,000, a saving of $20,000-ish. From all the accounts I'm getting, the PDAs were really well accepted and it all went well." (Canberra Times, 20 October 2008)

July 10 2008
Independent eVACS® evaluation submitted to Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters inquiry into the 2007 Australian Federal Election
The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has provided to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters reports on two evaluations of the electronic voting trial using eVACS® at the 2007 Australian Federal Election.

November 26 2007
eVACS® success at Australian Federal Election November 2007

Electronic voting for the blind and visually impaired, using eVACS® software from Software Improvements, was used throughout pre-polling (2 weeks), and on election day, in every State and Territory across Australia and no technical issues were reported. For the first time, electors who are blind or have low vision were able to lodge an independent and secret vote in a Federal election.

July 2 2007
eVACS® to be used at the next Australian Federal Election
Electronic voting is to be available throughout the pre-polling period, and on election day, in every State and Territory across Australia at the next Federal election, to be held by January 2008. The eVACS® software has been modified to operate with a standard telephone-style keypad to provide greater assistance to blind and vision impaired voters.

July 2 2007
The Police Association Victoria goes online with eVACS®
eVACS® is enabling The Police Association Victoria to conduct online elections for Delegates, and Occupational Health and Safety Representatives and Deputies. Both the Election Returning Officer and the Members can now undertake election related activities electronically, providing a number of significant benefits to the Police Association.

September 13 2006
eVACS® successfully used at ACEEEO Jubilee Conference in Latvia, 30 August - 2 September 2006

Attendees at the 15th Annual Conference of the Association of Central and Eastern European Election Officials used eVACS® to vote for the ‘Best Captain’ and ‘Best Player’ from the Quarter Finalist Teams in the 2006 Soccer World Cup.  The counting module of eVACS® was then used to determine the winners.

 Zinedine Zidane, France’s Captain, was voted the ‘Best Captain’.

 Marco Materrazi from Italy was voted the ‘Best Player’.

August 2 2006
Software Improvements attending Jubilee Conference of ACEEEO, Jurmala, Latvia, 30 August - 2 September 2006:
Software Improvements will be demonstrating eVACS® at the 15th Annual Conference of the Association of Central and Eastern European election Officials (ACEEEO). Carol Boughton, Managing Director, Software Improvements is also to give a presentation on "Electronic Voting Imperatives". See

 August 1 2006
2nd International Workshop on Electronic Voting, Austria, 2-4 August 2006:
Carol Boughton, Managing Director, Software Improvements to present paper on "Maintaining Democratic Values in e-Voting with eVACS®" at the 2nd International Workshop on Electronic Voting.

This workshop is the international meeting point for e-voting experts from all over Europe and beyond to hold an interdisciplinary and open discussion for all issues electronic voting involves. It is the continuation of the successful 2004 E-Voting workshop in the same location. It also serves as the academic review conference for the 2004 Recommendations on electronic voting of the Council of Europe, preparing the Council of Europe's own biennial review, and guarantees hereby heightened visibility for presentations and papers. See

 July 25 2006
New downloadable eVACS® resources:

 February 20 2006
ACT New Whitepaper: eVACS® and ACT Legislative Assembly Elections
eVACS®, developed by Software Improvements, is the electronic voting and counting system used for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Legislative Assembly Elections of 2001 and 2004, and for a Casual Vacancy in 2003. This white paper describes the initial development and subsequent enhancements of eVACS® and includes information on its use in the ACT Legislative Assembly elections.

 September 15 2005
Electoral Commission recommends continued use of eVACS®
The ACT Electoral Commission in its review of Electronic Voting and Counting at the 2004 election recommends continued use of Software Improvements eVACS®.

 March 17 2005
eVACS® shown at International Conference
Software Improvements is pleased to announce that Phillip Green, electoral Commissioner at the ACT Electoral Commission, will be presenting a paper on eVACS® at an international conference to be held in Korea.