The Mission of Software Improvements is to exhibit and nurture excellence in system and software development, operation and maintenance with respect to critical and high integrity products and advice.



Software Improvements has, since 1992, been providing a wide variety of software development improvements services.

  • To provide Clients with products and services that meet and exceed their expectations, at a cost that they believe is value for money;
  • To promote product and service quality as being the responsibility of all our people;
  • To improve product, service and process quality continually, in a cost effective way, through process management, measurement and improvement activities;
  • To perform all of our activities ethically; and
  • To be an asset to our community.


Our use of the high integrity language, Ada, has long played an important role in formulating and implementing leading-edge software development processes in mission critical systems. For example, our internationally recognised electronic voting and counting system (eVACS®), for parliamentary elections. Ada is a proven language that strongly supports the construction of safe, secure, quality systems. 

The discipline associated with the use of the Ada language we apply to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all our clients’ software development efforts.  A natural outcome of applying these principles is to model both requirements and architecture as the essential input to automated implementation.

In 2016, we partnered with Stratum Communications (now Stratum ICT) to form Digital Elections Pty Ltd to specifically provide election solutions and services based on eVACS® and netVote® an online system operating within a secure cloud environment.

More recently we were engaged via TAQNIA (Saudi Development and Technology Company) ( to guide and contribute to the development of a prototype product by the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), utilising our expertise in developing critical systems using model driven development and the open source software BridgePoint for xtUML Modelling and Model Compiler Development, available from OneFact (  Software Improvements has been using BridgePoint internally and providing support to other users since 1998.