Election Systems

High integrity Electronic Voting and Counting products and services

Software Improvements Electronic Voting and Counting System (eVACS®) solution is the world leader in transparent and accurate election software.

Software Improvements can develop your Electronic Voting system to meet your needs as well as provide Services to support your election.

eVACS® is a proven system that:

  • handles the simplest to the most complex of election types
  • enables vision-impaired voters and voters needing assistance to write, to vote in secret
  • supports multiple languages
  • improves the speed and accuracy of elections

eVACS® consistently delivers successful elections because it is:

  • easy to use – for all types of voters
  • easy to set up and deploy – for election officials
  • easy to count at an election’s conclusion
  • easy on the budget.

Read about eVACS® Success here or contact Software Improvements so we can show you how easy it is to implement eVACS®.