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Our Mission

The mission of Software Improvements is to exhibit and nurture excellence in system and software aquisition, development, operation and maintenance: to provide high integrity products and advice.

Our Quality Policy

  • To provide Clients with products and services that meet and exceed their expectations, at a cost that they believe is value for money;
  • To promote product and service quality as being the responsibility of all our people;
  • To improve product, service and process quality continually, in a cost effective way, through process management, measurement and improvement activities;
  • To perform all of our activities ethically; and
  • To be an asset to our community.

Our History

Software Improvements (then Cohesive Strategies) has, since 1992, been providing a wide variety of software process improvement services. In May 1996 the company acquired a well established specialist Ada consultant and Ada product distributor.

The acquisition formed a natural partnership as the Ada community had long played a leading role in formulating and implementing leading-edge software development processes.

The fusion of the two firms generated a synergy which has led to Software Improvements success in areas far distant from its original focus.

We still do Ada, we're one of the key players in the Australian market. But we now apply the same discipline and passion for quality that we always had in our Ada niche to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all of our clients' software development efforts.

In fact not just our clients, as since 2001 we have developed the internationally recognised electronic voting system, eVACS© , and the SoDIS™ Project Auditing tool.