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Project Lifecycle Support Services


The aim of a project support service is to enhance and supplement an existing capability in a client's organisation. This may be a narrow focus such as the tailoring of a software development plan, or a wider focus such as software quality in general.

Software Improvements can provide experienced-based assistance in the following areas:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Software Development Evaluation
  • Software Design
  • Software Product Evaluation (IV&V, Inspections, etc)
  • Software Development Approaches
  • Software Development and Acquisition Process Improvement
  • Software Measurement
  • Quality Management
  • Software Development Environments
  • Mentoring

Just some of our Satisfied Clients

  • Co-Operative Research Centre for Satellite Systems (FedSat)
  • ACT Electoral Commission (eVACS)
  • Requirements Analysis (eValua)
  • Development Improvement (NEHTA)

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