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A well planned software development should always include continuous review, albeit not always of the formal kind. Ensuring appropriate progress toward any development goal requires relatively frequent progress and technical reviews. Software Improvements provides services for independent reviews of software projects and products. Such services are provided for all phases of a software project.

The job of an independent reviewer is quite difficult in as much that it requires good negotiation skills, tact and diplomacy. Such a role also requires gumption and honesty. An independent reviewer cannot simply play the role of providing critique. Positive suggestion based on experience, intelligent and logical thought plays a significant part in the success or otherwise of a reviewer's efforts. Simple interpretation of standards and guidelines will undoubtedly lead to an antagonistic relationship between all parties who participate in the review process. Software Improvements experts can prevent this from happening.

The combined software development experience of the people at Software Improvements enables sensible solutions to otherwise intractable situations that arise in a typical contractor/customer relationship. It is often forgotten that the two apparent conflicting parties are really a team and should be working together closely to achieve the ultimate goal of project success.


  • Increased satisfaction with the completed software product through determining compliance with the system specification and identifying latent defects.
  • Increases in safety and other critical properties of a system.
  • Decreased risks associated with software development such as those relating to cost and schedule.
  • Improvements to the relationship between customer and contractor as well as increased project confidence.

Satisfied Clients

  • Mine Hunter Coastal (Royal Australian Navy Project)
  • (Australian) Defence Acquisition Organisation – Development of IV&V policies, procedures and guidelines
  • (Australian) Dept. of Family and Community Services – FAMnet system assessment
  • (Japanese MegaCorp) Toyo Corporation – Inspection of 1M lines of Java code

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